Fully Managed ‘Fly Away’ Helicopter Ownership

The world’s most proven light twin engine helicopter. 





Expression of interest

Indicative terms of the proposed offer
Indicative share price $375,000
Number of shares: 4 shares
A monthly charge, an hourly maintenance allowance, fuel charge and insurance costs will apply. Rules relating to the allocation of helicopter use will apply.

Helico Limited is seeking preliminary indications of interest in respect of an offer of ordinary shares in the capital of Heli Twin Squirrel-1 Limited (Company). No money is currently being sought, and the shares cannot currently be applied for or acquired under the intended offer. If the offer is made, it will be made in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Indications of interest may be made by emailing  or calling 027 533 6655. No indication of interest will involve an obligation or a commitment to acquire the shares. The company will be formed to purchase the helicopter, and establish a helicopter-owning scheme. Under the proposed offer the company will own the helicopter, and the shareholders will pay a monthly charge, an hourly maintenance allowance, fuel costs, insurance costs, and any additional costs related to optional services. Shareholders will be entitled to use the helicopter in accordance with the rules of use.


The AS355 is the world’s most proven light twin engine helicopter. With its twin engine performance and safety, the AS355 stands out as a cost effective entry into VIP helicopter ownership.

This AS355 can accommodate 5 passengers plus pilot and is capable of carrying four sets of golf clubs and overnight baggage with pod option fitted. The 355 will get you to the golf course, the bach or to work on time in absolute safety and comfort.

The twin squirrel is powered by two Rolls Royce M250 engines producing a combined 626kW (840hp) with a cruise speed of 224 km/h (121 kn) and a max range of 703 km (380 nmi).

Our team of in-house engineers has extensive experience working on the 355 and will ensure operating costs are reasonable while also ensuring the highest level of service and safety.

The ‘Twin Squirrel’ has served countless roles across Police, Defence, offshore and VIP transport across the globe for decades and remains the helicopter of choice for a number of owners and operators around the world.


CREW Single or Twin PASSENGER CAPACITY 1 front seat, 4 rear seats
ENDURANCE 3.5 hours CRUISE SPEED 224 km/hr 115 knots
MAX AIR SPEED 259 km/hr 140 knots ENGINES  2 x Rolls Royce Allison 250 C20
BAGGAGE 4 sets of golf clubs and bags


Indicative Terms of the offer

The share price is $375,000 for one share. There are four shares available. A share entitles you to a minimum of 84 days per annum. Bookings are made through our easy online booking system. 

Fixed monthly charge includes:

  • Hangar
  • Maintenance control
  • Management
  • Flight planning and flight following assistance
  • Insurance management

Hourly maintenance allowance:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Labour
  • Maintenance consumables

Additional Costs

  • Insurance Premiums
  • Costs of additional optional services (including a qualified pilot). 


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