fully managed ‘fly away’ helicopter ownership

How It Works

Share in a luxury helicopter through Helico. Perfect for personal or business use (not commercial), you’ll simply pay a fixed monthly charge and an hourly maintenance allowance plus fuel to enjoy 84 days usage per year, with the ability to take your chopper away for up to 10 days at a time.

Plus, get access to a wide range of additional services when and where you need them. This includes access to Orbit (our management company) helicopters highly qualified ground assistants and training crew, meaning you can even up your flying hours in the comfort of your own chopper.

Own Equity in a helicopter

Have pride of ownership with equity in a specific helicopter, which you can sell at any time.

Pay a fixed monthly charge

And let our team of experienced  engineers, pilots and ground staff manage your helicopter for you. 

Get an allocation of days p/a

Enjoy 84 days usage per year with a 1/4 share with 10 day flyaway during peak times, 14 in non-peak.

Book days online

We’ve got a well-oiled, tried and tested online booking system, which gives all shareholders equitable and balanced usage.

walk on / walk off

Enjoy our full walk on, walk off service complete with cleaning and valeting after every use.

Pay an hourly maintenance allowance+ fuel

This covers the estimated maintenance costs associated with engine use.

Enjoy Expert Management

Enjoy the comfort, safety and security of knowing your syndicate is managed by the experts.

Optional extras

Get access to a wide range of additional services including training, pilots and co-pilots, executive transfers, and pre takeoff assistance and checks.

Who We Are

HeliCo is New Zealand’s only professional helicopter syndication company. We make helicopter ownership simple, safe and hassle free.

Our team has decades of experience in the helicopter and syndication businesses. We know what it takes to run your syndicate the way that you want it; with expert management, experienced and qualified engineers, a professional walk on / walk off service, and an impressive selection of additional offerings when you need them.

Lachlan jones

Lachlan jones


Lachlan is the Managing Director of Core Aviation, overseeing the day-to-day operations and development of the company.

Simon barker

Simon barker


Simon is New Zealand’s leading syndication expert with over 10 years of experience as Managing Director of Ownaship, NZ’s leading boat syndication company.

Krystal-Jane Mosley

Krystal-Jane Mosley


Krystal-Jane comes from a private equity background where she specialised in the implementation and delivery of start-up initiatives. 

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